Year: 2014

Changes in EPSDT (Medicaid) Requirements for Behavior Analysts

  Exciting News! Attention all LBAs and LABAs:  Changes from DMAS in the EPSDT manual now make it possible for Licensed Behavior Analysts and Licensed Assistant Behavior Analysts to be providers (through Medicaid) without having to go through DBHDS licensing.  Here are some links to relevant information: General provider services page at DMAS Provider […]

ABA and Medicaid Therapeutic Consult

ABA and Medicaid are not always the best of friends, and steps are being taken to improve the relationship in the future.  In the meantime, there is a way – a great need, actually – for LBAs to work with persons who qualify for Medicaid.  It’s called Therapeutic Consult.  It is actually pretty easy to […]