Year: 2016

Attention Medicaid Providers!

  Magellan put this out today regarding member eligibility. This message is sent to help prevent claim denials for eligibility. It is very important to check member eligibility for services provided before each visit. Two options are available: DMAS offers a web-based Internet option, the Automated Response System (ARS) to verify member eligibility. The Virginia Medicaid […]

Information about EPSDT Diagnosis Code Changes

Attention VABA members who provide EPSDT Behavioral Therapy-Outpatient ABA services: Recently, Magellan of Virginia released news that as of October 1, 2016, the new ICD-10-CM codes updated for the fiscal year 2017 are required for use for all service requests, discharges, and reimbursements. At this time, it appears that there are no changes in codes […]

Public Comment Needed – CEU Changes for Licensed Behavior Analysts

Behavior Analysts and Assistant Behavior Analysts, we need your help!  The continuing education requirements for a license in Virginia do not currently align with those of the BACB.  There is a proposal to rectify the situation and your public comment will help ensure the change goes through.  The VABA Policy committee has worked with APBA […]

Virginia Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program (HPMP)

The Virginia Health Practitioners’ Monitoring Program (HPMP) helps to refer to treatment those practitioners (including behavior analysts) who suffer from impairing physical, mental health or substance abuse issue. See this flyer for details.

Law affecting coverage of ABA

Click here to see a new law with an emergency clause that dials back the stated size of a small company from 100 to 50 as it was until January of this year.  Therefore, companies with 51 to 100 employees are still required to cover ABA for those diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

License Renewal Fees to Decrease

According to the Board of Medicine’s January 2016 newsletter: FEE REDUCTION FOR RENEWALS IN 2016-2017 In 2013, the Board of Medicine voted to reduce renewal fees by approximately 14% for all its professions renewing in 2014 and 2015. The Board’s revenues have kept pace with its expenses, such that another reduction can be made for the […]

New Requirements for Medicaid – UPDATE

Medicaid providers may have received a letter from Magellan Healthcare noting that they will require all ABA support staff to be Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBT) by April 30, 2016.  Questions can be directed to or by calling the Magellan Provider Service Line at (800) 788-4005. UPDATE – This memo was for Magellan corporate accounts […]