Year: 2017

More Medicaid Information

DMAS sent this email recently (12/22/17) to share with behavior analysts.  For more information about the CCC Plus changeover from Magellan to MCOs, please login to the member area for our Medicaid page. Checking Medicaid Eligibility It is important for providers to verify a member’s Medicaid eligibility at each point of service. Verification of a […]

Public Comment on EPSDT Regulations – Due 12/15/17

  DBHDS is currently doing a periodic review of its regulations: This gives the public a chance to formally comment on the regulations. The VABA Public Policy Committee has produced the following public comment. You are welcome to use this to make comment or develop your own comment. It is important that Behavior Analysts […]

Changes that Affect Licensure

DHP is making some changes with regard to the Form B Employment form that will affect behavior analysts and assistant behavior analysts that are applying for their Virginia License.  The information can be found here: Please email if you have any questions.

Medicaid & ABA Update

Want more info?  We have created a page for members with the latest information and will keep updating it as needed.  Please log in to the member area!   We created this graphic to help providers with the upcoming Medicaid changes.  Please don’t hesitate to email with questions – Download pdf or see below.  

Changes Coming to Medicaid ABA Services in January 2018

Attention Medicaid Providers of Behavior Analysis and Interested Parties: In case you have not already heard, ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) will be carved back into the separate Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) in January of 2018.  This means that ABA providers (of services via Medicaid EPSDT) will no longer be credentialed through and paid by Magellan, […]

CPT Codes Update 2017

There have been many questions about upcoming changes to the CPT codes for ABA services.   CPT stands for Current Procedural Terminology and CPT codes are what practitioners use to bill insurance companies.  More information can be found on ABAI’s Practice Resources Web page. At one point it was thought that some of the new […]

Please Make Public Comment – EPSDT Behavioral Therapy

  Attention Behavior Analysts:  We have an opportunity to make comments on EPSDT regulations with respect to behavioral therapy.  You can find the information here:   We urge you to look at this information and form your own opinions on how it will affect your practice.  The VABA Policy group has put together some sample feedback […]

Guidance on Record Maintenance for LBAs/LABAs

Attention Licensed Behavior Analysts and Licensed Assistant Behavior Analysts:  Recently this guidance document regarding the maintenance of records was updated.  The regulations regarding records apply to you as a licensee through the VA Department of Health Professions.  If you have any questions, feel free to email and we will do our best to help […]

Medicaid and CCC Plus – What you need to know!

Do you provide Medicaid Services? Do you work with individuals who utilize Medicaid services? If the answer is yes, keep reading for important information about changes that may impact the services you provide and the services your clients receive. CCC Plus – A New Medicaid Program in Virginia CCC Plus is a new statewide Medicaid […]

Medicaid Raises Limits on Number of Service Units that can be Billed per Day

APBA, ABAI, Autism Speaks, and the BACB have been working hard to address some of the billing issues with the new T Codes.  They recently made great strides in getting the CMS (Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services) to increase the allowable (billable) units per day.  Please click here for more information.

2017 QMHP Registry Bill Impact on LBAs and LABAs

  Attention Licensed Behavior Analysts and Licensed Assistant Behavior Analysts who provide behavioral therapy through Medicaid:Recently a bill passed both the Senate and the House and is ready to be signed by the Governor (by 3/27).  This bill, SB1020/HB2095 seeks to provide a registry for Peer Recovery Specialists and Qualified Mental Health Professionals (QMHPs).  The […]

Latest information on Tricare ABA therapy changes for 2017

  In 2016, advocates worked for 9 months to fight the reduction in Tricare’s ABA reimbursement rates (that went into effect in April 2016). Congress voted to reinstate rates to previous levels, effective 12/23/16. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed last year. Current rates for direct treatment, as of 1/8/17, are $125 for BCBA-level […]