Year: 2019

Public Comment

Please make Public Comment! Public comment is open until 1/10/20 for: Rules and Regulations For Licensing ...

More CPT Code Resources

Have you seen this Web site?  It has up-to-date info on CPT codes and is a great resource.  Plus there is an FAQ ...

Office Of Human Rights Information for Behavior Analysts

In the summer of 2019, the Office of Human Rights presented trainings for BCBAs.  This information does not ...

Become a Therapeutic Consultation Provider

Want to help the many individuals who are currently have DD and ID Waivers?  LBAs and LABAs can do this through ...

External Provider Resource Directory

As this post is being composed, we have a contractor working on our new Web site, which will include a searchable provider directory for ABA services only. However, there are other resources that you may want to use to get the word out about your services. One such resource is VMAP. This  is a statewide […]

BCBAs in Schools

This year (2019), we asked our legislative representatives to put in bills in both the House and Senate that would add licensed behavior analysts (LBAs) and licensed assistant behavior analysts (LABAs) to the list of support staff that public schools can hire. While the Senate version of this legislation passed the Senate, the House chose […]

More CPT Code Information

  Please see this message from APBA, the BACB, Autism Speaks, and ABAI: The Steering Committee for the ABA Services Workgroup (representatives of the organizations shown above and their CPT® consultant) has prepared the article Supplemental Guidance on Interpreting and Applying the 2019 CPT® Codes for Adaptive Behavior Services  (available here and in the Members Only/Health Insurance Coverage section at […]