Become a Therapeutic Consult Provider through the Waivers

Want to help the many individuals who are currently have DD and ID Waivers?

  1. First, create a login at  Note that you should use one of the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 3.6, Safari 4 (Mac)
  1. Click on the Provider Enrollment tab (upper right) and begin an application.
  2. Ultimately you will create 2 new applications – one for the DD Waiver and one for the ID Waiver. Note the phone number at the top of the screen (888-829-5373) and contact them if you have any specific questions.  You may also email VABA at with any questions.
    1. For the DD Waiver, choose “Developmental Disability Waiver”
    2. For the ID Waiver, choose “Mental Retardation Waiver”
  3. The questions should be self-explanatory. You will need to enter your NPI number.  If you do not have one, you can apply for one using your license here:
  4. Make sure that your name matches your NPI. If you are using an individual NPI number, you should use an individual name and social security number, not a company name and TIN.
  5. When asked about the service you wish to provide, choose “Therapeutic Consultation.”

Congratulations!  It’s that easy! Stay tuned for information on providing therapeutic consult services.


Update: The names of the waivers changed to Family and Individual Supports (DD) and Community Living (ID) in 2016, however, the process is still the same.


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