Center for Autism & Related Disorders seeks Clinical Supervisor in Norfolk, VA

Date Posted

December 22, 2022


Center for Autism & Related Disorders


BCBA Clinical Supervisor


Norfolk, VA





The Clinical Supervisor is responsible for all clinical aspects of treatment for the patients they oversee. This includes the assessment and analysis of the patient’s skills and challenging behaviors, development of treatment plans, overseeing the implementation of treatment, collaboration with and training of their patient’s caregivers, as well as ongoing coaching and training of behavioral technicians. Treatment plans are primarily designed to address areas of medical necessity, and may occur in a variety of settings including the CARD center, patient’s home, school, or community. Clinical Supervisors report to the Clinical Manager. This is a salaried, exempt, full-time position.

• Uses clinical judgment to promote optimal outcomes for each patient
• Develop and maintain treatment plans
• Evaluate patients to identify both skill deficits and strengths
• Analyze challenging behaviors to identify the function of the behavior
• Develop functionally relevant treatment plans to reduce challenging behaviors
• Observe treatment implementation for potential program revisions
• Monitor treatment integrity to ensure satisfactory implementation of treatment protocols
• Direct behavior technicians in the implementation of new or revised treatment protocols
• Provides ongoing coaching and training to behavioral technicians
• Summarize and analyze data to evaluate patient progress towards treatment goals and adjust treatment protocols based upon data
• Update treatment plans at least once per month, based upon patient response to treatment
• Accurately communicate treatment response to treatment stakeholders (i.e. caregivers, payers)
• Coordination of care with other professionals
• Administration, completion, and scoring of standardized assessments
• Includes caregiver as a part of the treatment team, as evidenced by consistent Caregiver Collaboration meetings
• Interacts with payers in a way that is collaborative, professional, thorough, and informative
• Engages with payers as-needed for funding meetings (i.e. IEP, peer reviews)
• Stay up to date on best practices for ABA treatment to ensure clinical excellence
• Maintains appropriate documentation in Skills and the patient’s medical record
• Communicate effectively and compassionately with patients, families and colleagues
• Provide a safe and supportive environment for patients, families and colleagues
• Maintain compliance with HIPAA requirements at all times
• Other duties as assigned

• Master’s degree in Psychology or Applied Behavior Analysis or related field required
• Certification as a behavior analyst from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board required
• Experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) required
• Empathetic and compassionate individual with the ability to maintain strict confidentiality
• Ability to work collaboratively with team members while maintaining a positive and solution focused attitude
• Ability to work independently to problem solve and exercise clinical judgment
• An effective communicator in both verbal and written formats
• Demonstrate excellent time management skills and the ability to work in a fast paced, changing environment
• Excellent computer skills and knowledge of MS Excel, Word, Outlook; ability to use new computer systems and iPads.
• Desire to continuously learn and develop skillsets
• Willingness to work in a variety of locations (center, patient home, etc.)
• Willingness to work with a variety of patients
• Reliable means of transportation with proof of auto insurance for some locations
• Must pass tuberculosis test

Treatment may occur in a variety of settings including the patient’s home, the CARD center, the patient’s school, the community, or via telehealth. Behavior Technicians work in environments that are both indoors and outdoors and may move between different locations throughout the course of the work day.

• Be able to work with patients who are seated on the floor, in small chairs, or other home, school, community and clinic environments
• Move frequently throughout the therapeutic setting to gather materials, anticipate and respond to the movement of a patient, and/or provide instruction in a variety of settings, such as school, playground, clinic, or community locations
• Constantly position oneself to participate and respond to the movements and behaviors of patients, including but not limited to bending to assist a patient, kneeling/crouching to teach a play skill, hurrying to block an open doorway, or reaching to prevent a patient from entering a traffic congested street
• Be able to utilize continuous visual tracking in order to monitor the movement of patients, as well as the items and circumstances in the surrounding environment
• Occasionally move to evade aggressive behaviors and/or physically block attempts to aggress towards others. Responding to behaviors may occasionally require bearing weight of a patient who is leaning, pushing, etc.
• Frequently teach patients to use vocal speech. Must be able to articulate sound and model speaking clearly, as well as listen to and shape vocal communication of patients
• Occasionally use modeling to teach gross motor skills, such as climbing or jumping, and fine motor skills such as clapping or opening a container
• Work in both indoor and outdoor settings as they relate to the patient’s natural environment, which may include being outdoors in a variety of weather conditions (e.g., community skills, recess in a school setting, etc.)
• Be able to lift up to 30 lbs. while assisting patients

Benefits at CARD include and are not limited to:
• Partner with fully trained Behavior Therapists
• Center-based treatment w/ center-based schedules
• Competitive salary plus comprehensive benefits
• $24,000 annual bonus potential on top of base salary
• Paid holidays, vacations, and sick time
• Medical, dental and vision insurance including FREE telehealth appointments for you & your family
• Life insurance & 401(k)
• World-class training and mentorship programs
• Free ongoing continuing education units (CEUs)
• iPad with comprehensive data collection using Skills Global
• Paid licensure fees
• Internal research department with opportunities to participate in, conduct and publish groundbreaking research
• Employee assistance and corporate programs
• Career advancement & Employee retention focused