CPB Behavioral Therapy and Advocacy Services seeks Clinical Supervisor in Fredericksburg

Date Posted

February 3, 2022


CPB Behavioral Therapy and Advocacy Services, LLC


Clinical Supervisor


Fredericksburg, VA




(540) 840-9285



Clinical Supervisor/LBA Job Description
* Applies behavioral principles consistently in all interactions with clients, including children with autism and other developmental delays/disabilities
* Provide intensive direct therapy during individual sessions in home, the community, school, and other environments as appropriate and necessary
* Travel to perform services in children’s homes in the Stafford, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, and King George, VA and surrounding areas; we will try not to exceed a radius of 45 miles unless previously agreed upon and necessary
* Consistently conducts assessments and completes write up of Individualized Service Plans(ISPs) and Behavior Intervention Plans(BIP’s) for submission to insurance companies in a timely manner
* Teach the clients to acquire language, behavior reduction, self-help/adaptive, and social skills as stated in their treatment plans
* Train BTs, RBTs, teachers, parents and other caregivers in the strategies and techniques that are being used with the client within and across all natural environments
* Effectively responds to and manages crisis situations, as prescribed by the clients BIP, which may include client physical aggressions/maladaptive behaviors
* Observes, records, and reports the condition and behavior of the clients during supervision sessions
* Completes supervision paperwork and data collection notes in a detailed, accurate, consistent and timely manner, as prescribed for each client
* Collects graphs and other data from the program book on a monthly basis and uploads to company cloud as required by company policy
* Follows all guidelines for accurately completing and submitting time sheets
*Conducts standardized assessments within the first 90 days after services begin
*Conducts a review of the client’s ISP within the first 30 days after services begin to determine if changes need to be made to the goals
*Conducts reassessments for clients every 6 months as necessary and appropriate
* Supports all members of the staff and assists with ideas, suggestions and work duties; functions as an active member of the treatment team
* Actively participate in staff training programs designed to increase overall professional skills; must maintain professional and technical knowledge of ABA principles; must meet the continuing education requirements of the BACB and the Virginia Board of Medicine
* Communicate in a professional and respectful manner with parents, BCBA’s, BCaBA’s, Consultants, RBT trainers, RBTs and clients
* Adhere to all CPB Behavioral Therapy policies and procedures, including HIPPA policies
To perform successfully in this job, individual will need to display the following skills: adaptability, attention to detail, collaboration, crisis management, good discernment and judgement skills, initiative, professionalism, reliability, high quality of work and the ability to work independently as well as part of a team
Must be open to feedback and mentorship as necessary and appropriate

Minimum of Master’s Degree in Education, Psychology, Sociology, Education, or some other Human Services Field. BCBA Certification and Virginia Board of Medicine License required. Previous supervisory and training experience preferred but not required.

Sitting on the floor with a child, regular squatting, physically able to hold child appropriately as needed, agility to stop child from running away