Grafton Integrated Health Network Hiring LBAs in Richmond

Date Posted

January 26, 2022


Grafton Integrated Health Network


Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)


Richmond, VA





You have devoted immense energy to get your certification from the Board. You studied and practiced, and memorized and calculated your data. You can work anywhere. Why would you come to a large residential and educational provider like Grafton?

Because this is where the rubber hits the road.

The clients we serve are enormously complicated. Their families have not been able to get the services they need, or have not been able to follow through on the services that were provided. The school was overwhelmed by the significance of the person’s needs. The community was not able to adequately engage and support this individual. They may have been hospitalized in a facility that was not designed for their special needs. Everyone thought they were nearing the end of the road.

Grafton provides solutions.

As part of multidisciplinary team you are encouraged to be creative. You are encouraged to take a multi-faceted approach to care. We value behaviorism as much as we value psychotherapeutic techniques. We believe a child with autism can learn mindfulness skills, and develop insights into their behavior. We also believe that trained behaviorists like yourself are the best “detectives” to help us understand what is driving the cycle.

If you are seeking this type of innovative, multidisciplinary, and essentially mission-driven type of practice setting, we think you’ll be very happy here. You will experience remarkable complexity, met with remarkable creativity.

We know that you have a choice. Our benefits are competitive and comprehensive. We value life-long education – we want you to continue to grow. Our schedules are flexible (as we are a 24/7 treatment setting). We will provide opportunities for unheard of experiences, like participation in our Ukeru ™ consulting division, which trains organizations throughout the United States and Canada in our approach to care and crisis management. Teams from Grafton have consulted on cases as far afield as Australia (it’s a very, very long flight). We are engaged in expansion opportunities in Maryland and Minnesota as we speak.

Consider us! Be a part of this mission! Direct your talents and skills to those who so desperately need them! Take a look at what our team did for this lad!

For formality’s sake, here is our dry as a bone job description:


Conducts functional behavior assessments and oversees treatment planning within the context of a person-centered, strengths based system of service delivery that values improved life quality for clients receiving ABA services. Ensures that a functional assessment of behavior is completed for each individual, based on his/her own goals for improvement and that assessment is updated according to pre-determined timelines and as needed. Coordinates ABA treatment goals and objectives with broader interventions for clients in the IEP and residential setting. Routinely evaluates treatment plan progress for all assigned clients, and recommends modifications to promote client success in attainment of replacement behavior skills. Mentors behavior specialists who are not yet certified as behavior analysts, as needed. Reports to the Clinical Administrator.



Promotes a person-centered approach to treatment:

Works with internal treatment team members to establish an environment supportive of treatment and education across all settings of care
Respects the personal goals of individuals served with ultimate goal of improving quality of life for the individual served and his/her care providers
Identifies behaviors that block the person from achieving his/her desired goals
Develops programs that derive from the individual’s strengths
Provides family training
Uses a positive intervention model that minimizes physical intervention
Assesses the function of behavior:

Ensures that a functional assessment is completed for each individual served, in a timely manner
Conducts assessment measures in a variety of settings, to include group home and community
Familiarizes oneself with and utilizes direct assessment tools to measure behavior:
May conduct a functional analysis of behavior
Uses appropriate data methods when assessing behavior through direct observation (ABC, time sampling, event recording)
Utilizes direct assessment measurement tools current in the field of ABA:
Determines the contextual influences on behavior:
physical environment
staff relationships
physical conditions
Identifies and writes behavioral goals and objectives based on the function of the behavior(s) targeted for the client’s ABA treatment and coordinates with the Program Clinician for broader goals
Make treatment recommendations according to assessment results and write a clinical assessment summary as required for treatment authorization. Coordinates with the Case Manager for service requests and approvals and to receive and share updates about meetings such as FAPT, etc.
Evaluates and documents client progress and program effectiveness:

Creates data sheets and supervises the collection of progress data as it is recommended within the treatment plan
Makes adjustments to behavioral goals and objectives as needed
Documents, summarizes and reports on progress data at least monthly
Creates and updates treatment and discharge plans on a routine basis
Attends monthly treatment plan review meetings with all treatment team members
Prepares and submits monthly/quarterly treatment plan progress reports, according to billing requirements
Ensures that services are being delivered according to planned service delivery and ensure quality of services. Responsible for completing assigned services and monitoring the service delivery of RBTs.
On an individual client basis, provide initial and ongoing training to Behavior Specialist staff assigned to deliver ABA treatment effectively and consistently and provide ongoing support to the Intensive Supports Classroom:
Treatment plan procedures
ABA treatment session expectations
Data collection and graphing techniques
Family and related service provider training
Supports staff development:

Mentors behavior therapists who do not yet have certification, and may provide consultation to them on cases that they manage
Teaches positive behavior support strategies that can be universally applied
Provides insight on how we each influence the people around us with our own behaviors
Teach/train staff on the principles of behavior
Teaches appropriate and efficient methods of data collection
Teaches alternative strategies to avoid the use of physical interventions
Teach/train staff on the need for environmental modifications
Teach/train staff on prevention techniques
Teach/train staff on antecedents and consequences strategies

Participates in professional development activities to maintain current knowledge of the field and needs of individuals served and to maintain certification with the BACB. Remain within good standing with the BACB and immediately report to supervisor any actions or complaints against their certification.
Attends meetings as required
Participates in work groups as assigned
Completes other duties as assigned

Must have a Master’s in a human services field and hold current board certification as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst from the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB).


Requires a valid driver’s license. Requires Licensure by the Board of Medicine (Virginia only).


Medical, dental and vision
Flexible Spending & Health Savings Accounts
401(k), including an employer match
Generous Paid Time Off plan
Education Assistance
Life Insurance
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
Short-term disability (STD)
Long-term disability (LTD)
As Grafton is a 501(c)(3) non-profit, you may be eligible for federal student loan forgiveness
Grafton is an equal employment opportunity employer and tobacco-free workplace.