James River Behavioral Solutions Seeks Therapeutic Consultant in Central VA or Virtual

Date Posted

June 23, 2023


James River Behavioral Solutions


Therapeutic Consultant


Central VA (for in-person or hybrid)







James River Behavioral Solutions is seeking a passionate and dedicated Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) to join our team as a Therapeutic Consultant. As a Behavioral Therapeutic Consultant, you will provide consultative services to individuals with interfering behaviors and skill deficits, design and implement individualized treatment plans, and train stakeholders. Your expertise and guidance will contribute to positive changes and improved well-being for our individuals.

We have in-person, virtual, and hybrid positions open.

Job Responsibilities:

-Interviewing the individual, family members, caregivers, and relevant others to identify issues to be addressed and desired outcomes of consultation;

-Observing the individual in daily activities and natural environments and observing and assessing the current interventions, support strategies, or assistive devices being used with the individual;

-Developing data collection mechanisms and collecting baseline data as appropriate for the type of consultation service provided;

-Designing a written therapeutic consultation plan detailing the interventions, environmental adaptations, and support strategies to address the identified issues and desired outcomes, including recommendations related to specific devices, technology, or adaptation of other training programs or activities. The plan may recommend training relevant persons to better support the individual simply by observing the individual’s environment, daily routines, and personal interactions;

-Demonstrating (i) specialized, therapeutic interventions; (ii) individualized supports; or (iii) assistive devices;

-Training family/caregivers and other relevant persons to assist the individual in using an assistive device; to implement specialized, therapeutic interventions; or to adjust currently utilized support techniques;

-Intervening directly, by behavioral consultants, with the individual and demonstrating to family/caregivers or staff such interventions. Such intervention modalities shall relate to the individual’s identified behavioral needs as detailed in established specific goals and procedures set out in the ISP; and

-Consulting related to person centered therapeutic outcomes, in person or over the phone.

Required Qualifications:

-BCBA or BCaBA certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board
-Licensure through the Virginia Board of Medicine

Job Type: Contract

Salary: Starting at $60.00 per hour