St. Joseph’s Villa Seeks Clinical Supervisor

Date Posted

June 2, 2019


Saint Joseph's Villa


a Clinical Supervisor (Licensed Behavioral Analyst)







Under the direction and guidance of the Clinical Director and in conjunction with the Director of Community-Based Services. This position is responsible for managing all clinical aspects of the Early Periodic Screening Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) for children and adolescents with significant behavioral and developmental disabilities within the policies and procedures of St. Joseph’s Villa. Responsibilities include conducting assessments and providing direct in home services while obtaining referrals. As program expands responsibilities include staffing, training, assessments, oversight of service delivery and clinical supervision. All work is performed within a systems-based framework with strong collaboration skills with and in support of other services offered by St. Joseph’s Villa. This position actively advocates for the clients and the Villa in the community.

Insures quality services to person’s served and their families. Performs all work in accordance with the highest professional ethical standards and in alignment with Saint Joseph’s Villa mission, values, and guiding principles.


Provides supervision and training of staff within her/his program(s).

Works in conjunction with the director and treatment staff in matters of supervision, evaluating, training, and recommendation of hiring or termination.

Participates in staff meetings, community meetings, and other staff and program group activities that support the operation of a treatment program.

Supervises and designs appropriate level of care and interventions for each person being served.. Ensures counselors are trained in selected intervention techniques.

Facilitates treatment team for the service.

Develops and/or supervises the development behavior/treatment plans, objectives and methods necessary for providing effective services to individual persons served and their families.

Analyzes and documents behavioral patterns and needs for each person served.

Promotes good parent and community relations and appropriately assesses services for appropriate wrap around services to support quality of life for person’s served.

Meets with family members and relevant agencies to advise on progress and teach them techniques to continue behavioral changes outside the supported setting.

Develops and presents or coordinates in-service trainings to improve staff competencies in clinical and therapeutic interventions.

Determines when support through the Villa is not sufficient for the client and initiates the referral process. Directs management team through referrals to other community-based or individual support programs.

Maintains and oversees all appropriate persons’ served documentation from referral through discharge.

Ensures accurate and complete individual case records for persons are in compliance with licensing and accreditation standards for best practice.

Supports Villa efforts in licensing, certification, and accreditation issues: attainment, documenting and monitoring compliance.

Follows established procedures to report critical incidents and suspected abuse and/or neglect. Responds to charges of inappropriate treatment.

Maintains statistical and evaluative data, preparation of monthly reports and other reports as required and maintains an accurate receipt system for expenditures.

Assists in the development of program goals, objectives and policies consistent with those of St. Joseph’s Villa.

Assists in developing standards and documentation for licensing and accreditation authorities. Ensures program is, at minimum, operated according to regulatory, licensure and accreditation standards.

Works with community agencies and placing agencies through site visits, meetings, and/or written communiqués, or other appropriate means, to further community understanding of our services, to ensure the residential service meets community needs, and to attract and maintain appropriate population levels.

Evaluates work processes and methods; staffing levels, qualifications and training needs; and tools, equipment, and physical resources and submits recommendations for continuous quality improvement.

Assumes responsibility for own professional development including meeting all mandated standards and staying abreast of developments within the field.

Ensures that staff receives training to meet mandated standards, that develops their professional abilities, and that prepares them for advancement opportunities.

Assumes on-call responsibility as assigned.

Performs other duties as assigned.


Must be licensed behavioral analyst (LBA) in the state of VA. Must have working knowledge of family systems and behavior therapies. Requires three years related experience working with a relevant population and one year of working in a supervisor’s capacity. Proficient with Windows, Outlook, internet research, MS Office including Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Experience with proprietary software preferred. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Must be knowledgeable of Medicaid regulations. Valid Virginia driver’s license with excellent driving record.


Knowledge of needs of persons with emotional, behavioral and developmental disabilities. Able to apply family systems and behavior theories approaches. Able to make independent decisions and establish an effective and collaborative working style. Must be able to work in and provide support for all staff in a service that provides in-home services. Able to utilize community resources. Able to develop close working relationships with the program staff; with St. Joseph’s Villa staff, with staff of related agencies and with public officials and other community representatives. Knowledge of team building techniques and staff development procedures as they relate to the treatment process. Able to appropriately use proprietary software. Knowledge of basic first aid-procedures. Able to work within a team model of management. Mature judgment and a high degree of professional skill.

Areas of Specialization: Applied Behavior Analysis, childhood development plans, ABA principals and implementation. Diagnosis and functional behavioral assessment experience.

Assessment Tools: VB MAPP, ABLLS, and FBA


Job Type: Full-time