The Chicago School of Professional Psychology Seeks Department Chair in DC

Date Posted

February 10, 2022


The Chicago School of Professional Psychology


Department Chair, Applied Behavior Analysis - DC Campus


Washington, D.C.



(312) 467-2556


Our Washington DC campus has an opening for a Department Chair in the Department of Applied Behavior Analysis. The Chair is appointed by and directly responsible to the Campus Dean. The Chair is a member of the Faculty as an Administrative Faculty. Responsibilities include making recommendations to the Dean for recruitment, hiring, evaluation, and promotion of faculty, as well as department development. The Chair is responsible for providing visionary leadership for the academic direction of the department. Duties include curriculum quality and development, scheduling, preparation for and maintain ABAI accreditation, assessment of student learning and program improvement, supervision of Faculty and other department administrators. All faculty members report to the Chair of their departments regarding the execution of faculty responsibilities. The Chair is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and improving the performance of all Faculty members. The Chair is responsible for the enrolment and retention of students in all three degree levels of the ABA department. The Chair will also serve as the VCS coordinator with the BACB.

Chair are required to attend Department Faculty meetings, participate in institutional committees, provide academic leadership, and perform duties as assigned by the Dean. As Administrative Faculty, they are members of the Faculty Council and the Council of Academic Affairs.

Principal Duties:
Maintenance of collegial and supportive relationships with relevant accrediting and professional bodies and completion of required reporting or documentation.
Faculty committee and production assignments
Facilitation of Program Faculty Governance and All-Faculty meetings.
Supervision and development of Program, Affiliate, and Adjunct Faculty to meet quality standards and goals, as well as institutional priorities
Oversight and coordination of the academic program to meet quality, relevance, and currency standards and goals
Oversight and coordination of student enrollment and retention within the program.
Development of viable new programs in the field.
Participation in scholarly activity and professional organizations within the field of psychology and related behavioral sciences
Preparation of necessary self-study for ABAI accreditation or program-related reports within the specialty area for accrediting agencies or the institution.
Management of the student learning assessment plan and the program review process for the department to identify needed improvements to student learning
Development of strategic academic and budget plans for Department, including recommendations from the assessment and program review process.
Achievement of departmental academic and financial goals.
Recruiting a diverse student body.
Collaborate with Office of Admissions to assure attainment of annual admissions and enrollment targets.
Supervision of the teaching, advisement, dissertation activities, and other duties performed by Faculty members to meet department academic goals
Other duties as may be assigned by senior campus level or institution-wide academic leadership.

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
The Chair must be an optimistic, action oriented leader who can motivate faculty to embrace these values in the classroom and within the institution.
Must have a strong interest in the development of leaders, as this job requires the development of future leaders in the field through curriculum.
Must have an interest in demonstration based teaching (faculty need to teach using real/live demonstration).
Excellent organizational skills with the ability to manage operational processes including the program budget.
Solid people development skills with a focus on providing opportunities for faculty and staff to excel.
Excellent organizational, communication, and administrative skills are also required.
This is an environment that expects high productivity and quick response time, as well as the ability to minimize operational tasks and maximize creativity and innovation. The department chair must be able to balance institutional priorities with program needs and initiatives.
Demonstrated ability to work with and lead individuals from culturally, ethnically and racially diverse backgrounds.

Position Qualifications:
A doctoral degree in psychology and/or Applied Behavior Analysis.
Licensed and/or Board Certified by the BCBA in the DMV area.
Experience with ABAI accreditation either as a site visitor and/or as a liaison and/or a member of a program seeking ABAI or other programmatic accreditation.
Teaching and academic administration experience at the post-secondary level, as well as professional experience is required.