Medicaid and CCC Plus – What you need to know!

Do you provide Medicaid Services? Do you work with individuals who utilize Medicaid services?
If the answer is yes, keep reading for important information about changes that may impact the services you provide and the services your clients receive.
CCC Plus – A New Medicaid Program in Virginia
CCC Plus is a new statewide Medicaid managed program that will serve individuals with disabilities including those on the DD Waiver, the old EDCD Waiver (CCC Plus replaces it), and EVEN THOSE ON THE WAIT LIST for waiver services. Detailed information about the program can be found on the DMAS website:
Why is CCC Plus important for Behavior Analysts?
If you are a medicaid provider, the implementation of CCC Plus will expand the number of people who can receive your services!
When Does CCC Plus Start? 
CCC Plus will launch in the Tidewater region on August 1, 2017 and will be phased in across 6 regions of the Commonwealth. CCC Plus will be fully implemented and will operate statewide by January 1, 2018.
How Can Behavior Analysts Learn more about CCC Plus?
DMAS is conducting webinars to provide an overview of the program and what to expect for implementation. Use the following link to sign up (scroll down for Behavioral Health Provider): http://www.dmas.virginia.g ov/Content_atchs/mltss/Provide r%20and%20member%20calls% 20for%20website%20sent%20to% 20webmaster.pdf 

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