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The Science and Technology of Behavior Analysis and Its Underlying Philosophy
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About VABA

VABA or VirginiaABA is for individuals interested in the science and technology of behavior analysis and its underlying philosophy, radical behaviorism. The Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis is an affiliated chapter of ABAI and an affiliate of APBA.

Why Join VABA?

For professionals, it is our ethical obligation to participate in behavior-analytic professional and scientific organizations.

VABA is a source of information and support that professionals depend on in their businesses.


VABA is the professional organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We work behind the scenes to make sure that behavior analysts have a seat at the table rather than being on the menu.


VABA provides resources including a provider directory, job postings, supervision resources, and insurance information necessary for ABA providers.

Professional Development & Networking

VABA provides the premier annual conference in Virginia and other professional development and networking opportunities throughout the year.

Additional Benefits

VABA has additional benefits including discounts on Office Max, Tickets at Work, Springer Publishing, Enterprise Car Rental, Do Better Collective, and AATBS study resources for students. VABA Members qualify for discounted adjunct membership in ABAI.

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Upcoming Events for Virginia Association for Behavior Analysis

Recent News

Medicaid Updates

Medicaid Updates

DMAS is aware of the issues that ABA providers are not being paid and are working with the MCOs to clear things up.  Here is a slide with some...

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Medicaid = Cardinal Care

Did you know that CCC Plus and Medallion 4.0 will soon be called Cardinal Care? First, some definitions: CCC Plus - Commonwealth Coordinated Care...

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