Please Make Public Comment – EPSDT Behavioral Therapy

by | Sep 7, 2017 | Medicaid, News, Policy


Attention Behavior Analysts:  We have an opportunity to make comments on EPSDT regulations with respect to behavioral therapy.  You can find the information here:  

We urge you to look at this information and form your own opinions on how it will affect your practice.  The VABA Policy group has put together some sample feedback that you are welcome to use or modify, or you can create your own, but please comment!  These regulations have an affect on our profession!  The comment window ends on 9/22/17.

Sample Comment

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on EPSDT changes that concern behavior.  I am [fill in personal information about why this is important to you – your credentials, your Medicaid provider status, etc.].  There are three areas where I think changes should be made to the way EPSDT covers Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA):

1. ABA and Behavioral Therapy should be separate treatments and ABA should be solely guided by the DHP regulations governing behavior analysts.  Often behavioral therapy run by non-LBAs looks more like counseling or behavior modification and not the science of ABA.  It is confusing to lump the professions together, and the distinction is necessary.

2. ABA should not be limited by location, but the services should be provided in the location that is most appropriate to the needs of the individual.  This may be a clinic, the community, a social group, or the home, or other place that meets the needs of the individual.  ABA clinics should be required to obtain a license that is appropriate to their business, which is not available at this time.

3. ABA does not necessarily need to be provided individually, but may be appropriate for some individuals in a group setting.  The service should be available in a group setting or one-on-one with an individual as is dictated by the individual’s needs and outlined in the ISP. 

I appreciate the hard work that has gone into revising these regulations and thank you, again, for the opportunity to comment.