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KK Wellness Consulting

Region: Hampton Roads
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  • In-home
Private Insurance:
  • Do not take private insurance
  • Do not take Medicaid (CCC Plus)
Number of LBAs employed or contracted: 1
Hampton Roads and Nationally

Kelly Killen is a BCBA, LBA and Certified Wellness Coach, assessing client's wellness and nutrition needs by using the principles of applied behavior analysis. By modifying eating behaviors, Kelly sets in motion lifestyle adjustments that improve the lives of her clients. Kelly has been a coach and fitness enthusiast since 1999 and a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst since 2009. Coach Kelly also holds an advanced diploma in Nutrition. Kelly’s unique combination of professional skills and athletic achievement enables her and her team at KKW to provide their clients a healthy and sustainable long-term solution for weight loss and weight management.

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