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In 2016, advocates worked for 9 months to fight the reduction in Tricare’s ABA reimbursement rates (that went into effect in April 2016). Congress voted to reinstate rates to previous levels, effective 12/23/16.

The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) passed last year. Current rates for direct treatment, as of 1/8/17, are $125 for BCBA-level professionals, $75 for BCaBA professionals, and $50 for RBT professionals.

If you are currently providing, or plan to become a provider of, Tricare ABA therapy services, please note that there are several changes this year to how services are to be documented (reporting outcomes). You may find that information here:

In addition, in April 2017, requirements will go into effect that impact the Tricare beneficiaries (your clients). Changes include the requirement of:

·         a PDDBI assessment to be conducted

·         Legacy beneficiaries (those clients who have been receiving ABA therapy since October 2014) to obtain an updated diagnosis (they will need to be “re-diagnosed” by a physician) before their next reauthorization cycle

·         a variety of re-assessments every two years, performed by the diagnosing physician

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