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DMAS sent this message on 6/9/21:

DMAS and DBHDS are excited to announce that our newly named “Mental Health Services Manual" (formerly CMHRS Manual) has posted to the DMAS website and is official.  The new services, including Assertive Community Treatment, Mental Health Intensive Outpatient and Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program can be found in Appendix D and E, respectively.  We will be going live with the first three services of Project BRAVO on July 1.  We want to thank every one of you for your assistance, guidance, feedback and general support as we walk this journey together to broaden our Behavioral Health continuum of care for the individuals that are Medicaid eligible in the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Our work is not done though, as we have six (Multisystemic Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Mobile Crisis, Community Stabilization, 23 Hour Observation and Residential Crisis Stabilization) additional new services to implement on December 1st and we look forward to working with you all over the next 5 months as we continue our Project BRAVO journey.

New Manual can be found here.
New/updated Service Authorization Forms can be found here.

Nothing has really changed for Behavioral Therapy since the August 2018 update, with the exception of the location.  It is important to note that Behavioral Therapy is in a transition process from the current billing code to the CPT codes that are normally used for ABA (see for more info).  Therefore there will probably be more changes in December 2021 when that transition is completed.

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